A new photo every day for a year……

22nd January 2019

Picture No 144

Today the RAF have been at the centre to help with various tasks, one of which was help to our volunteer gardener Jane.

Jane always brings her lovely two dogs to the centre with her whenever she is gardening. Just before we packed up for the day it started to snow, it was so funny to see both dogs sheltering in one of the gardening sheds watching Jane.

22nd january 2019Two dogs in a shed

22nd january 2019aFootsteps in the snow

A new photo every day for a year……

21st January 2019

Picture No 143

Abit of a disappointment this morning, the moon was obscured by the clouds, so I missed my chance to take a picture of the red moon.

Gaynor had lit a scented candle tonight, I tried to take a picture of the candle, try as I might, I couldn’t get rid of either the reflection of the flame in the lens or movement of the flame, I’m not sure which. Time to read up on the subject and try again another time.


A new photo every day for a year……

20th January 2019

Picture No 142

Super Blood Wolf Moon

The Moon will turn red in the early hours of Monday morning as Britain experiences its last total lunar eclipse for 10 years. The Moon will start to darken at 2.35am with full eclipse beginning at 4.40am. It will be free of the Earth’s shadow by 7.49am.

It  is the last chance for to see a total lunar eclipe in its entirety until 2029.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes exactly between the Sun and the Moon creating a shadow which stops solar rays reaching the lunar surface.

I’m hoping to get up at 4:40 and see if I can capture a piture of the super blood wolf moon.

Here is a before picture.