A photo every day for a year……

7th September 2018

Picture No7

Today’s picture about another hobby or interest, it’s photography. I started taking pictures with a Olympus OM 10 in the early 80’s. I took lots of pictures when the kids were little with a Minolta 9000 camera. I then lost interest when the early digital camera’s started to appear. I’m not sure what re-awakened my interest in photography, but I took the plunge and embraced digital photography and brought a Nikon D80 sometime in 2008.

7th September 2018.JPG

Things have come full circle as although primarily I still use a digital camera, I started using a film camera once again. What’s missing from today’s picture ?.

Author: Terry Baldwin

My name is Terry. I have decided to try an take a picture for my Blog every day of this year 2023. Along the way I hope that you will find out a little bit about me and my interests.

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