A photo every day for a year……

18th September 2018

Picture No 18

Today picture is of three CD’s that I’m currently listening to.

  1. The Best of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Man, if you can take a listen to a track titled “Man of the World”, it moves me every time, what else could Peter Green achieved?.
  2. George Michael Songs from the Last Century, he covers some famous songs, but his cover of Roxanne by The Police is well worth a listen to.
  3. Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller Present Jazz on the Corner, the album is still growing on me.

18th September 2018

Tonight, is a sad night for me, because I met up with a colleague from work for a beer, something to eat and a chat. Soon our paths are going to go in different directions. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to George for taking me under his wing when I first joined the Hospice, he has patiently and un-selfishly taught me everything he knows about the Hospice. The one thing that I am determined to do is keep in-touch with him.

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