A new photo every day for a year……

6th October 2018

Picture No 36

Today’s picture is a picture of a picture. I had planned to park the car in the Verulamium museum’s car park and walk into St Albans with Gaynor, but because it’s been raining all day, I stayed at home instead.


I used the opportunity to sort out the mass of paperwork you seem to acquire, in doing so I found tucked amongst all the bit’s and pieces some old photographs of me when I was very young.

This picture is of me at London Zoo with my Nan (my Dad’s Mum), holding a monkey on a lead, the monkey then gets put of your shoulder for a photograph. Well I don’t have the picture of the monkey on my shouldern because I let go of the monkey, who promply ran off. I never did find out what happend to the monkey !!!.


Two little monkeys


Author: Terry Baldwin

My name is Terry. I have decided to try an take a picture for my Blog every day of this year 2023. Along the way I hope that you will find out a little bit about me and my interests.

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