A new photo every day for a year……

16th October 2018

Picture No 46

Today’s picture is of a Heat Exchanger. During my last at Kodak, I found this little heat exchanger being throw away as scrap. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason it seemed such a shame to throw it away, so I rescued it from the skip.

What is a heat exchanger, its a device designed to transfer heat or exchange heat from one liquid to another. An example would be if you had a hot liquid flowing through one side of the heat exchanger and wanted to cool its temperature down, you would flow cold water through the other side of the heat exchanger to cool it down.



Ideal to cool your beer !.

Author: Terry Baldwin

My name is Terry. I have decided to try an take a picture for my Blog every day of this year 2023. Along the way I hope that you will find out a little bit about me and my interests.

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