A new photo every day for a year……

6th November 2018

Picture No 69

On a Thursday night I normally shoot Small-bore rifle at the Cheshunt Rifle and Pistol Club. The 20mile journey normally takes me 20 to 30mins depending of traffic. I get onto the M25 at J21A and travel around to J25. Tonight, I left home at 18:30 and by 20:00 I had only got as far as J23, I left the motorway and headed home via the A1M. I had spent more than 1 1/2hrs queuing on the M25. The travel time may actually be longer because for some of the time I had switched off the engine.

8th November 2018

The travel time display from the car’s dash.

Author: Terry Baldwin

My name is Terry. I have decided to try an take a picture for my Blog every day of this year 2023. Along the way I hope that you will find out a little bit about me and my interests.

2 thoughts on “A new photo every day for a year……”

  1. I can easily beat that, 4 years ago my wife and i took a Sulivans coach trip from Potters Bar to the Clacton Airshow,
    coming back on the M25 near enfield a truck in front of us caught fire and compleatly burned out closing all 3
    westbound carrageways, trapping hundreds of cars and us. we left Clacton at 6pm and didnt get home till 5am the next morning!! The police wouldn’t let anyone leave their vehicles. After the truck had been cleared, the road was so damaged a resurfing crew had to remake the road


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