A new photo every day for a year in 2023 ~ Raspberry Pi

Picture No 60

Today at work I have to connect a Raspberry Pi to a TV/Monitor, it occurred to me that during “Lockdown” that I had brought a Raspberry Pi to learn about them. I dug out of my Raspberry Pi out of my desk draw, connected it together, it was then that realised why I have stop using it. It is just messy needing a monitor and keyboard, it was easier to use a laptop. So tonight I have ordered a larger screen that the Raspberry Pi can be mounted on the back, which will hopefully do away with all the wires and make it a bit neater.

Author: Terry Baldwin

My name is Terry. I have decided to try an take a picture for my Blog every day of this year 2023. Along the way I hope that you will find out a little bit about me and my interests.

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