A new photo every day for a year……

15th January 2019

Picture No 137

Called in to see my youngest daughter on my way home from for a couple of hours, before meeting a friend for a pint and a chat. As she only lives two doors away from a Fish and Chip shop, so guess what was for tea !.

15th january 2019

Pukka pie for me and small cod for her with shared chips.

A new photo every day for a year……

14th September 2019

Picture No 136

Tonight, I was looking for something in the garage and by accident I found my old .177” “Gat gun”. The pistol is so cheaply made and hopelessly inaccurate, it is really a joke. I have kept it for sentimental value. Later on in the year, I will take some more photographs and write up on how the pistol works.

How many people remember or even owned a  “The Gat” ?.