A photo every day for a year……

10th September 2018

Picture No 10

Today’s picture is of some aluminium parts that arrived in the post from Holland. It’s a little project that I need to complete before the beginning of October. That’s all I am going to say, but I will post some pictures my progress assembling the bits of aluminium.

10th September 2018.JPG


A photo every day for a year……

9th September 2018

Picture No 9

I have just got back from visiting my Dad for the weekend. Today we walked into the seaside town of Weymouth, which is a typical English seaside town.

I managed a couple of quick photo’s with my iPhone, below is the best one.

9th September 2018

I have put a couple of links below to the town.




A photo every day for a year……

7th September 2018

Picture No7

Today’s picture about another hobby or interest, it’s photography. I started taking pictures with a Olympus OM 10 in the early 80’s. I took lots of pictures when the kids were little with a Minolta 9000 camera. I then lost interest when the early digital camera’s started to appear. I’m not sure what re-awakened my interest in photography, but I took the plunge and embraced digital photography and brought a Nikon D80 sometime in 2008.

7th September 2018.JPG

Things have come full circle as although primarily I still use a digital camera, I started using a film camera once again. What’s missing from today’s picture ?.

A photo every day for a year……

6th September 2018

Picture No 6

Today’s picture features another hobby of mine which is shooting. I have been shooting small-bore rifle competitively since the early ’90’s. I learnt how to shoot small-bore rifle at the Kodak rifle club, now I currently shoot at the Cheshunt rifle and pistol club.

6th September 2018.JPG

The targets in the picture were shot using an Anschutz .22 rim-fire rifle at 25yds. I have only ever shot paper targets, I have no interest whatsoever in shooting animals.

A photo every day for a year……

5th September 2018

Photo No 5

Today’s picture features a hobby that I have been interested in for about 32 years, which is Amateur radio.


Over the coming weeks I will explain more about the hobby, but for now it basically communicating to other radio amateur’s all over the world using radio waves. I have taken a picture of a Yaesu FT-225RD, which was a current radio in the 1980’s and is still very highly regarded today.

A photo every day for a year……

4th September 2018

Picture No 4

The pictures over the next couple of days will show some of my interests and hobbies. I am trying to use digital camera rather than rely on my iPhone. My aim is to take a new picture every day rather than rely on pictures that I have taken in the past. Taking a fresh picture every day also put’s me under abit of pressure to come up with idea’s and pictures.

P1010220 (1).JPG

I took today’s picture using my Olympus OM-D E-M5 using one of the ART menu’s which replicates a pin hole camera. So the hobby or interest I have featured is motorcycles, I have both new and classic motorcyles.


A photo every day for a year……

I am going to try a post a new picture everyday for a year. The reason behind this is to learn how to use WordPress, use my camera or camera’s more and just see if I can keep the whole thing going for a year. During the year I hope that you will find out a little bit more about me and enjoy my pictures. I will be interested in any comments.

August 1st 2018

Picture No1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust to get the ball rolling I snapped a quick picture of some flowers in the garden.

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