A new photo every day for a year……

21st October 2018

Picture 51

I make no apologies, this will be the first that I cheat and use a picture that I have taken previously. I have been trying to sort out the pictures that I have stored on my PC with the view to deleting the pictures that I don’t want and keeping all the others. I found a couple of pictures of my desk at Kodak. It occurred to me that this time two years ago was my last week at Kodak, so I thought it apt that I use an old picture of my desk.

21st October 2018

A new photo every day for a year……

19th 0ctober 2018

Picture No 49

Tonight’s picture was a bit of a rush. I called into a pub in Berkhampstead to see a couple of ex-work colleagues from the Hospice for a good-bye drink. It was nice to catch with some old friends again. So consequently I was running late, so tonight’s picture is of BSA petrol tank badge.


The vivid red colour just caught my eye.

A new photo every day for a year……

17th October 2018

Picture No 47

Happy days, I’ve just been to Brent Cross to pick-up my watch that has been away for service and repair. The watch was sent back to the factory in Switzerland, beside the watch are all the components that have been replaced during the service/repair, including the hands.


A new photo every day for a year……

16th October 2018

Picture No 46

Today’s picture is of a Heat Exchanger. During my last at Kodak, I found this little heat exchanger being throw away as scrap. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason it seemed such a shame to throw it away, so I rescued it from the skip.

What is a heat exchanger, its a device designed to transfer heat or exchange heat from one liquid to another. An example would be if you had a hot liquid flowing through one side of the heat exchanger and wanted to cool its temperature down, you would flow cold water through the other side of the heat exchanger to cool it down.



Ideal to cool your beer !.

A new photo every day for a year……

14th October 2018

Picture No 44

Today two of my Dad’s friends popped in for their usual Sunday morning coffee and chat. One of them, Gerry, knows that I’m interested military history gave me a present. It’s a nose cap/fuse of a World War One German artillery shell. He picked it up from the side of the road on one of his many trips to France. It going to make a lovely paperweight, many thanks Gerry.



A new photo every day for a year……

13th October 2018

Picture No 43

This weekend I’m down visiting my Dad in Dorset. With nothing much to do this afternoon we decided to walk into Dorchester. I also wanted the use the opportunity to visit CW Motorcycles in Dorchester to have a look at the new BMW R1250GS.


So today’s picture is of my Dad inspecting the all new BMW R1250GS HP.


The new model has only been launched today and this one is already sold !.

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