A new photo every day for a year in 2023 ~ PUAW cont.

Picture No 64

This afternoon I travelled back to work with my wife to help return the Centre back to normal after the Pop-up Art Week had finished. Whilst we were waiting for the exhibition to finish we brought a picture. The picture is titled “Bird of Paradise”, the picture is of a bird of paradise flower. The picture was painted by a lovely local artist called Lori North.

A new photo every day for a year in 2023 ~ Banksy

Picture No 63

When you view my daily Blog, just above my name is a picture of a rat. Today Blog is a little bit about the picture.

Walking around the Fitzrovia area of London a few years ago. I unexpectedly found a Banksy artwork on a wall.

The is my original picture that I took. The artwork has been covered in a Perspex sheet to protect it.

I then cropped the rat which I have used in my WordPress picture.

Below is a link to the Fitzrovia News with a little bit more information on Banksy’s artwork.

A new photo every day for a year in 2023 ~ Raspberry Pi cont.

Picture No 61

Yesterday’s picture showed my old Raspberry Pi set-up with the 7 inch monitor and all the cables. Today my 10 inch monitor arrived. I brought the new monitor because it allows you to mount the Raspberry Pi onto the back of the monitor complete with all the interconnecting cables, which are now hidden. The new monitor makes whole thing is a much neater set-up just needing a power cable.

New set-up

Old set-up

A new photo every day for a year in 2023 ~ Raspberry Pi

Picture No 60

Today at work I have to connect a Raspberry Pi to a TV/Monitor, it occurred to me that during “Lockdown” that I had brought a Raspberry Pi to learn about them. I dug out of my Raspberry Pi out of my desk draw, connected it together, it was then that realised why I have stop using it. It is just messy needing a monitor and keyboard, it was easier to use a laptop. So tonight I have ordered a larger screen that the Raspberry Pi can be mounted on the back, which will hopefully do away with all the wires and make it a bit neater.

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