A photo every day for a year……

11th September 2018

Picture No 11

The picture is of another hobby or pastime it’s reading, I try to read as much as I can. It’s mainly military history. The book I’m currently reading now is First Man In, Leading from the front by Ant Middleton. Although Ant Middleton was a Special Services soldier, his main claim to fame is that he appeared in Channel 4’s TV series “SAS: Who dares Wins”. The TV series features ex Special service soliders taking men off the street putting them through the same Special Services training, to see if they had what it takes to become a Special Service soldier. I only watched the first series. The book not only tells about his life and career store, but also has motivational lessons within and at the end of each chapter, a bit unusual, but good reading for me at the moment.


Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to feature more interesting pictures, more of that tomorrow.

A photo every day for a year……

9th September 2018

Picture No 9

I have just got back from visiting my Dad for the weekend. Today we walked into the seaside town of Weymouth, which is a typical English seaside town.

I managed a couple of quick photo’s with my iPhone, below is the best one.

9th September 2018

I have put a couple of links below to the town.




A photo every day for a year……

7th September 2018

Picture No7

Today’s picture about another hobby or interest, it’s photography. I started taking pictures with a Olympus OM 10 in the early 80’s. I took lots of pictures when the kids were little with a Minolta 9000 camera. I then lost interest when the early digital camera’s started to appear. I’m not sure what re-awakened my interest in photography, but I took the plunge and embraced digital photography and brought a Nikon D80 sometime in 2008.

7th September 2018.JPG

Things have come full circle as although primarily I still use a digital camera, I started using a film camera once again. What’s missing from today’s picture ?.