A new photo every day for a year……

5th January 2019

Picture No 127

It was Gaynor’s birthday yesterday, for a treat she wanted to walk by the sea. So today at 8am we set off in the car drive to Westcliff-on-sea for a walk by the sea and breakfast.

I can really recommend



5th january 2019a

A windswept Gaynor with the healthy breakfast option.

5th january 2019b

My unhealthy breakfast…………

We were back home by 11:15am


A new photo every day for a year……

4th January 2019

Picture No 126

On December 17th, I took a picture of the calendar that my good friend George had produced. Each month the calendar features different pictures of the pair of us when we worked at the Hospice. I had forgotten share this month’s picture.


George has added a humorous caption to each picture. The Governor at the scrubs is not issuing my relaease papers !. I am in fact receiving my indentures on the completion of my apprenticeship in 1979 from the then Engineering Manager Colin Gent.

A new photo every day for a year……

2nd January 2019

Picture No 124

Yesterday’s picture of the Gil Scott-Heron CD, I am really struggling to like the CD. It may not be in the car CD player much longer……………

Before Christmas I ordered a pair of earrings from Facebook, as a little Christmas present, expecting them to arrive before the Christmas day. Well guess what, to date nothing has arrived. I have just finished writing them an email inquiring what has happened to my order. Something in the back of my mind has always put me buying from Facebook, perhaps I should have listened to the voice in my head.

The picture is a screen shot of what I should have arrived, if the real ones ever arrive, I’ll post a picture of the real things.


A new photo every day for a year……

1st January 2019

Picture No 123

When I’m at home I almost always listen to BBC Radio London.


I especially enjoy listening to the Robert Elms show, now sadly only the Saturday morning show.


Listening to his show can also influence some of my music purchases, this one dropped through the door the other day. I’ve had a quick listen at home, the CD will be in the car for the next few weeks.