A new photo every day for a year……

10th January 2019

Picture No 132

Having already purchased a leash camera strap and a small camera bag from Peak Design.


I am so impressed the design and quality, I purchased another larger camera strap for my Nikon DSLR.

Camera Straps

10th january

A new photo every day for a year……

5th January 2019

Picture No 127

It was Gaynor’s birthday yesterday, for a treat she wanted to walk by the sea. So today at 8am we set off in the car drive to Westcliff-on-sea for a walk by the sea and breakfast.

I can really recommend



5th january 2019a

A windswept Gaynor with the healthy breakfast option.

5th january 2019b

My unhealthy breakfast…………

We were back home by 11:15am


A new photo every day for a year……

4th January 2019

Picture No 126

On December 17th, I took a picture of the calendar that my good friend George had produced. Each month the calendar features different pictures of the pair of us when we worked at the Hospice. I had forgotten share this month’s picture.


George has added a humorous caption to each picture. The Governor at the scrubs is not issuing my relaease papers !. I am in fact receiving my indentures on the completion of my apprenticeship in 1979 from the then Engineering Manager Colin Gent.